Our Origin

Coffee aroma wafting for over a decade

Born out of a thriving Coffee trading business that flourished through a lineage of coffee planters, Origin Coffee Roasters (OCR) is a return-to-roots experience. Riding on the plantation and overseas trade successes, Origin turned its attention to popularize coffee in the Indian sub-continent with its unparalleled command over quality roasting and grinding. At Origin, we take pleasure in creating a wonderful world of coffee for you.

With over five decades in the coffee business, we have earned the reputation of being experts in curing, roasting, grinding and supplying the finest coffees to the world. Not to forget the highest standards of quality we have always adhered to, since inception. Drawing from the combined expertise as planters and selectors of coffees varieties worldwide, it was a natural progression to create a quality conscious Roastry which lead to the birth of Origin Coffee Roasters in 2012.

To discover the true taste of coffee, the one with a heritage of half a century, come to Origin. We are enthusiastic about delivering exceptional coffees, consistently, with customised roasts and flavour profiles to suit your taste buds.